Rupert Brooke Poetry­ – before the war
Young, naive, impressionable, patriotism, war marked shift à anti-war
What is the poem about?
· Glorifying those who contributed to the war
· Dying in war = betterment for country à patriots of the country
· Sacrifice à country will view one with the following attributes:
o Strength
o Courage
What are some significant word choices?
· “rich Dead!”
· Poured out the red
o Not wasted blood – young
· Sweet wine of youth
· Capitalized words à emphasis to
o Love, Pain, Nobleness
What types of emotions are used or played upon? What is the tone/mood of the poem?
· Emotions
o Honor, loyalty to the country, self sacrifice, righteousness, and pride
· Tone/Mood:
o Proud, exultant, patriotic pride, serious
What is the significance in the choice of sonnet form?
· Italian Petrarchan
o Falls in octave then sestet
· Octave talks about what they have done such as giving their lives
· Sestet talks about the reward such as nobleness and royal wages
What are the purposes of the poem?
- To glorify those who contributed/sacrificed for the war
- Emphasize that people will be rewarded for their actions