What is the poem about?
Life before war and when life ends, separated by the sentence “All this is ended.”
· Contrast between warmth and emptiness.
· The serene world created to manifest and alter ones views on war
Significant words:
“The years had given them kindness.” -
“Unbroken glory, a gathered radiance.” -
“Seen, heard, loved, touched.” -
What types of emotions are used or played upon?
· Empathic
· Calm
· Reflective
· Sense of Longing?
What is the tone/mood of the poem?
· Soothing
· Contrasting world to that of the war à calmness
· Serene
o Euphonic sounds : “w” sounds – woven, washed, wandering, waves
What is the significance in the choice of sonnet form?
· Sonnets usually romantic, emphasizing beauty. Used here to describe death optimistically using beautiful imagery to recreate horrific scenes. (that he did not see, but imagined to be)
· Rhythm of sonnet creates smooth flow and highlights serene mood.
· Musical rhyme further contributes to peaceful and beautiful context of poem
· Octave and sestet structure poem in two parts
Purpose of poem:
To beautify death, and contributes to the ultimate idea that to die is to be in a state of peace. To have death seem better than it really is.