Assessments: General Information
External Assessment
World Literature Paper : 1000-1500 word comparative essay 20%
ü You will write a comparative essay on an aspect of at least two of the texts studied in Part One.
ü You must generate the topic and title.
ü I will conference with you before you submit your work to the IBO, but I cannot write comments on your paper.

Paper One: Written Commentary (1 and 1/2 hours) 25%
ü Two unseen texts for commentary. One will be a poem. The other will be a piece of prose or drama.
ü You must respond to one of the texts in an analytical manner.
ü You will be provided with four guiding questions to help you with your commentary. These questions do not have to be answered, but they may give you a way in to your essay.

Paper Two: Essay (1 and 1/2 hours) 25%
ü There will be six questions from which you can choose: two will be generic genre-specific (e.g. about poetry) and four will be general questions about literature.
ü You need to answer one question and refer to at least two works.

Internal Assessment
Individual Oral Presentation 15%
ü Based on one of more of your Part 4 works (studied in the first semester of your Junior year).
ü You choose the topic and the method of delivery. Creativity is encouraged.
ü The presentation and any subsequent discussion (including both teacher and student questions) should last approximately 10-15 minutes.

Individual Oral Commentary 15%
ü Based on an extract from one of the Part Two works (studied in the first semester of your Senior year).
ü You choose an extract at random from a selection provided by your teacher.
ü The extract will have two guiding questions on it which you may find useful but you do not have to answer directly.
ü You will have 20 minutes to prepare your commentary.
ü At the end of your preparation time, you will deliver your commentary for approximately 12 minutes, uninterrupted by the teacher.
ü In the remaining time, you will respond to one or two additional teacher questions
ü All commentaries will be recorded.